The Sisters

The Sisters

Food photography & writing. Recipe development. Story telling. Events.

We believe in the simple things in life. They just need to be amazing!

Truth be told, we’re not sisters in the traditional sense of the word, but we may as well be! Our common passion for amazing food and flavours, a quench for wonderful wine, and a longing for great experiences, combined with family histories steeped in European traditions, and an appreciation for the treasure of great friendship… it is hard to believe there isn’t some sort of ancestral connection between us.

Culinary, Food & Wine Events

Sydney, the wonderful place we both call home, provides the perfect backdrop for eating, drinking and travelling. We are blessed with an abundance of amazing produce, inspiring chefs, an array of restaurants, picturesque natural beauty, historical landmarks, and a community of people who have a thirst for life and celebrating it. Our food, wine & culinary experiences have been designed to capture the flavours of this wonderful city and its scenic surrounds. With 25 years of experience between us, organising and managing food, wine & culinary events is our passion.

Food photography, writing & recipe development

When we are not masterminding our next event, you will likely find us busy with aprons on and styling props sprawled across the span of our test kitchen and photographic studio. Developing recipes using seasonal produce and ingredients, styling food scenes using our antique finds, and capturing them photographically, is what we do best. It is our creative haven for experimenting with flavours, playing with props, and telling a story along the way. You can find our recipes and stories here.

Content creation

Food: when we are not eating it, cooking it, or creating recipes with it, we are photographing it and writing about it. We relish in telling a story by capturing beautiful images and piecing together words. If you like our style, why not work with us to capture the story of your restaurant, cafe or brand? We can do this by capturing images for your social media feeds, or by creating photographic and written content for your website. While you focus on creating the story, we can focus on capturing and telling the story for you. 

To view some of our photographic work, have a look at our photographic portfolio here or our instagram page here.

Celebrate flavour. Celebrate life.

Caterina Sterrantino & Effi Tsoukatos

The Sydney Food Sisters